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The Camelot is the dream toy for many little knights and princesses! Erect your own castle, that will defend from all bandits! Change it to fit different spaces, it’s all flexible.You can always be creative, play around with the walls, build your own shape to fit best new role play adventures. Knights attacks, conquering with horses, goblins climbing the walls? King and Queen coming for summer vacations to their residence? Or Evil sorcerer leaving in the tower, that need s to be stopped by brave hero? All can be done!  

What's inside

35 parts:

  • 1 tower - 18cm hight
  • 1 tower door
  • 1 gate with door
  • 1 staircase
  • 31 walls

Product Details

This beautiful castle is supplied with 35 individual parts in a net bag. This is perfect for a smart builder to build up in their own way. Multiple castle constructions are available. There is no pre-defined shape for the Camelot construction. Pictures only represent one of the many possibilities.  All elements are made of Alder wood. Its unique properties and bark structure resemble the masonry work of middle-aged builders. Natural wood structure provides stability, despite that elements are blocks like.  

The Camelot include stairs, tower, and a gate, as well as various shaped parts of the walls which always fit together. (All types of our castles can be combined) 


In our shop you can also find the matching accessories. 

Special Instructions

  • Product with bark
  • suitable for 3 years old and above