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Let the fun Begin

Welcome to our Online Store

You will find our all lovely natural handmade wooden toys here in our online store. Come and browse our range, check out our new additions, and learn more about what's in store! 


With eco-Blocks we bring pure nature into the home. The unique cutting technology provide a special surface on each piece which can be built as high as you want and still be super stable. This classic Waldorf toy offers imaginative ways to create and build. Small elf houses, big towers, restaurants, trains…. and many more can be created in no time.  

Tree Houses

Discover our all lovely tree houses here for small and large elf families. So many possibilities are waiting for your children to discover and play. Our natural furniture and little puppets are perfectly complementing all our tree houses 

Marble Trees

Children love to play with marble trees, watch the marbles run down, hear the tones of the leaves. The leaves give different tones from the top to the bottom of the tree, bright in the upper area, darker in the lower leaves. 

More for Fun

Creative Blocks

With our Creative Blocks, children will develop their creativity in an easy and playful way. Whether is numbers, letters, or whole words; flowers, animals, vehicles, faces or people, etc. 
 Creative Blocks stimulate the imagination, promote creativity, concentration, and skills. 

Knight's Castles 

The knight's castles are the dream toy for many adventures! The barks on the wall give the castle a charming looking. With our Castles, you can always be creative, play around with the walls, build your own shape of castles, and defend the enemies. 

Harmony wings & other Mobiles

With their bright colors, they follow with the breeze and bring joy and life into your home.  


Visit our Gallery to get a feel for the style of our products. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch and I'll be happy to help.