Eco-blocks barkless

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Eco-blocks are made from natural reclaimed wood. It is a classic Waldorf toy that offers imaginative ways to build and create. This set contains of 36 pcs. Eco-blocks, pieces are cut in 2,4,6,8 & 10 cm. Set also contains discs, bridges, walls with doors and windows. 
Nature is full of magic, but pure nature must be properly prepared to be safe for the smallest children. Young one’s bellow 3 years old must be protected from danger much more than the older ones. To ensure safety, we have created a special type of blocks. Our barkless line has been, designed and tested for our smallest ones. Blocks are made only of pure wood and de-barked in a special safe process. All edges are softened. They are not treated with any preservatives. There are natural cracks in the structure of the wood. All of this provides sensory stimulation for children. Additionally, they have a very special look that resembles Ivory. 

72 set offers more possibilities of building. Children can build bigger and have more fun with more blocks. It is also good for more kids to play at the same time together. 

Each set includes a net bag for storage. 


36 natural wooden blocks without barks. 
72 natural wooden blocks without barks.    

Product Details

  • 100% FSC certificated. 
  • Made from alder, hazel, white beech; 
  • Furniture and puppets are not included in this product
  • Safe for all ages

Special Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this item, each shape of block might vary from set to set. Natural discoloration and faults in wood are to be expected, that is how natural is. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.